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  • I wont upload another battle untill my most recent one gets 20 comments. Also, it's hard to upload battles when nobody will battle me =/
    Dark-Ryu - The man with the biggest army dedicated to breeding/catching pokemon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the history of smogon. xD
    Hey man, Expert Evan said you had problems editing posts and that someone was able to fix it for you. I have this problem and haven't been able to get a response from ColinJF or Misty yet so is there anything you could tell me that they had you do to fix it?
    Thanks for the trade!

    Yeah I have more but I need to update the format and stuff. I might as well just link them or something as its a lot of work and I don't want to do it. @_@
    Oh didn't notice your message as it was here. xP

    Did everything and add 2nd FC please. See you on! =]
    I can trade now if you want :)
    Could you add one Rest please?
    Skuntank ev trained please
    Ooops, I mean..... No no no no no. I meant "I'm not trying to bother you." Sorry. I sometimes mis-write my messages.
    Hey..... um..... I'm trying to bother you, but..... I...... left another message on your thread. I was trying to ask if those Roserades are the ones that you are looking for or is it the Dialga and darkrai that you put on one of those messages on your thread for me.
    Dark-ryu? Are you sure there is nothing I can offer you? I even have some other evd pokemon with great Iv's that are not on my offering list and even have some UT event pokemon and Movie event pokemon.
    Dark-ryu, I'm sorry that i don't have the wants that you are looking for but I have shiny pokemon with great ivs and Event pokemon that I'm offering for your shiny evd jolly swellow. So I want to know if you accept my offer or not. I really like that swellow. Pretty please with cherry on top.
    Stop catching shit, your game will explode D:
    (said by me seems a bit odd though, I admit it XD)
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