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  • I haven't been active in the TRC court, so I am just going to leave the group.

    Sorry, but I feel like I am not contributing and dragging the place down. Sorry, my friend :(
    Apparently BS has kicked me and many others from TRC because we don't see eye-to-eye.

    Can you see if BS has made any mention of why in TRC? Don't ask BS, but just look. Thanks :)
    BS has been lying, censoring, and insulting the living crap out of people. I say be needs to be stopped now.
    let me ask you this, would you rather be subjected to the stuff you others been subjected to?

    all bs ever done was poke at people and think he's better then everyone else!

    he's rude, arrogant, and treats people like shit!

    how can you live with yourself when yet he has not maturated yet?

    the greatest weapon of all is knowledge, use it when you see fit!
    Your okay. But you to have been hard to pin point. There are a lot of things you do I don't like. I am probably just going to take a leave of absence and try to earn a badge and a couple friends in high places along the way.
    HS is getting to friendly with magma and magma is close to aero. I was thinking of getting rid of all execs.
    Well PROTO man is gone. I am not tolerating any one anymore TRc is being ruled now under a iron fist. TRC will be currently go through reform. I hope you and HS can work together for at least a week or two
    What would we do? Youve passed your initiation. If you were to go strictly BK and T, you might not pass unless i was just having an off day.
    That third match got u in. Lol. Put ur name as [TF13](whatever u want goes here){NSL}
    u r noob squad leader. n make sure to use red as ur color. ^1 is what u type in before you type anything else
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