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  • Whoa! Animation! Nice :)
    And sux about your teacher, but that's college, right? Students going after their teachers, their teachers ignoring them and the students getting pissed off XD Hope you get better teachers next semester :)
    Well, I've been planting "Animation" as my major everywhere, so I guess that's what I'm aiming for atm (it can change, but probably not because the other majors I don't like lol).

    Yeah, before English class starts, students complain about our teacher. Like she doesn't teach at our level! (I actually find that one dumb as we're learning college level stuff.) And... she doesn't respond to my e-mails! (Which is true, sadly.)
    No, since it was my birthday, I was out most of the day :(
    Meet me online and we trade ^^
    Damn teacher O_O Oh well, group presentations sux even when you know that you have to do xP (Well, at least for me, since I always have to be the one everyone counts on saving their asses). I'm glad that you're enjoying at least a part of college xD I'm finishing my 5th semester now, so it's 5 semesters to go. What's your major? Mine is Computer Engineering.
    Umm, fine I guess. ^^

    Busy with college; man they do overload you with work without even telling you. My professor told me to do a "group presentation" that no one in my group knew about (and we were at class last time and she never mentioned this "presentation." Yep, it sucked nuts. And my math teacher is horrible. =(

    I like my politics and speech teachers though. =D
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