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  • Yo we play for NU League . im gmt -5 can play 6-9 pm weekdays usually. or mornings on weekends. when can you play?
    Hi, we are paired for week 4 of farm league. I'm gmt-4 and available at night. Contact me to schedule a match.
    Ok we will do January 2nd at 9:00 pm your time just be in the NU room on Pokemon Showdown and I will track you down.
    Okay, you can come to #Neverused on PS whenever until 2nd January
    I hang out there sometimes
    well, it's the New Year and all so January 2nd at best. Today if possible but I have no idea when are you available today, and I will be free until about 5-6PM my time
    Hey ^^ We are paired in SPL Farm League. I'm GMT+2 and will be available pretty much whenever but at specific times. So what time would work for you?
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