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  • Thanks fine. Thanks.
    Then there's our pending =D. Since you can NN the pokes yourself with AR, do you want my T-Tar Ev'd (Non-Shiny only)? My Turtwig only comes UT =[
    Yeah, I have them all ;) I'll be online in a sec, just finishing watching a battle here.
    No, I couldn't connect with Tsubasa, I don't mind the UT versions. Just want to get this trade done =D, been pending for over a month now. You going to trade over the Latias and Shaymin too? Or don't you have the Shaymin?
    Yeah, I EVd it for me XD
    Here's the problem, I have them EVd, but they are all nicknamed (I can't find them without it), I can use AR to make them have their original names, if you don't mind (by nicknaming). Or, you can have UT versions of them. Unless you want to wait until Tsubasa comes on.
    No nicknames please.
    On your joint thread, there's no Ev'd version of Regice. Unless you've Ev'd it yourself. Just post the Ev spread. I still prefer Ev'd =)
    So basically:
    Regice, Steel, Rock for your Regice, Steel and Rock
    Shaymin for Quick Ball Magnemite
    Latias for Shaymin?
    Ok, I have his regis trio here. But they're all EV trained (I believe I have Regice and Steel UT, but I'll have to check). Did you want them UT?
    I thought you were coming on with the Omastar? And i was gunna trade you the copies back...
    OMG REALLY!!! Thanks :3 Idk why but i just love Banette in Luxury Ball but theres NPC's all over the place where you catch it and the Spread i have id have to leave my game on for a few hours... lol
    magmarizer, I have one of these on diamond. I traded it over from plat.
    So I'll trade it over when I trade Omaster. When you trade Omaster back, Just equipt it with 2 old ambers (if you can) and the Magmarizer back Xd.
    ok could you give one of you pokes a magmarizer if you have one?
    And ill come on with the 3 magmars now
    Other then RNG Absuing, no im not busy lol No School today :P
    Yeah i can clone for yeah, ill be on in 3 mins
    Alright, ill just use that HP Ice 68 isnt that bad... Anyways do you want me to trade you over the Magmar now?
    Hey! Could you look through the Special Sheets for a Timid HP Ice 70 Spread, with 31 Sp,Atk and Speed IV's? I would but my sheets are all jumbled up remember :(
    Also is there any of the recent pokes i caught you liked? I can trade them over to you :P
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