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  • Yes, the genies basically throw out the first frame. That's why there is a separate encounter type for them in PPRNG. There are other differences as well, so you should always run a search with exactly the parameters you will be RNGing to ensure you don't have these kinds of problems.

    Although I guess the fact that you are talking about frame 21 and slot 2 for legendaries means that you can't use PPRNG and are doing it by hand... I know people have been successful at it, but it's not for the faint of heart.
    Therians are treated as if they are a slot 2 pokemon, and so are offset by a further 13 iv frames, and a further 5 pid frames. I'll describe this further when I update it latter.
    you'll never be able to RNG the roamer with the E4 in BW.

    it's not a constant 60/s * 2, there's times with less advancement when your mon faints so it's not at all controllable.
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