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  • Hey, remember me? I was in the top 16 in last year VGC in Seattle. I have been having problem figuring out how the RNG works. I am trying to catch a shiny Dialga and I hit my coin flip and journal flip. I was wondering if I can meet up with you somewhere in the seattle area to see what have i been doing wrong?
    Okay, I edited your Cradily analysis :)

    I will write the Drifblim Calm Mind Rest + Chesto set this weekend and should be finished by Sunday night, so I'm pm it to you when I'm done.
    Hey man, I'll be on for the rest of the afternoon until dinner. Let me know when you're ready :)
    Hey, I'm a decent singles battler (I've gotten on the shoddy leaderboard plenty of times) so I was thinking of entering VGC...but I know very little about doubles, so I can't really build a solid team. I've read all the guides so I know about different EVs, basic strategy, etc. so I'm not completely clueless. I want to build a very anti-metagame, very quick, and very offensive team with little or no set up (no trick room bronzong etc.). I was thinking that one of my leading mons could be a mewtwo with something like taunt / protect / ice beam / thunder and then something like a scarfed metagross with trick. I want the rest of my team to be very offensive, like infernape / weavile / snorlax / something.

    All I need to know is, am I on the right track? What's the best way to determine the ratio of defensive evs to offensive evs to use? Also, if there are any resources I could use, besides the article, that would be cool. I chose to ask you since you're close to the god of doubles.
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