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  • i asked my dad if i could go to the concert with a guy i knew and he wanted to know why he had to drive me. long story short he won't let me go with a random guy i know from the internet. i tried explaining how its different but he still said no. how else can i ask him to make it sound better...

    im disappointed if you cant tell
    looks interesting. that coffee stout i tried was excellent, a coffee irs would be pretty good.
    i listened to that panopticon song and it damn it was pretty beautiful

    especially the ending
    seems worth acquiring, i actually skipped over this one when i was scanning metalchesh for new stuff.

    i could rec you some 2013 stuff but i really can't be assed c+ping.
    yeah i read through that, looks like i'll probably just need a mug (which i now have) and then either a snifter or a pint glass. i think i prefer snifters to pint glasses so i'll probably go with that but idk.
    two things: 1. i bought a beer mug today :D and 2. this is the fucking weirdest shit i have ever heard possibly.
    so jelly of that stout omg. i kind of don't wanna find out how expensive it would be to import though...
    man beer is so metal

    i'm drinking the coffee stout atm. the coffee really does come through a whole lot, it's quite amazing.
    yeah the sierra nevada and courage imperial russian are rated really highly so i think i'm definitely going to grab those two. i think the coffee one might have been the most expensive of the four (nz$15 for a bottle compared to $8-11 for the others). yeah i hear you about the coffee flavour too, but man i am really big on coffee so any enhancement to the coffee flavour is something i am probably keen to at least try. could just get two of the courage instead. :p

    also i really need some good beer glassware, no shops around here tend to have glassware beyond wine / flute / cocktail glasses. :/
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