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  • psh just use some crap mons! it makes it all the more fun... or rng everything by yourself. O_O OH THE HORROR!
    Ah, must have been a while ago. Yea, I'm nearing the point in which I quit completely. Team Fortress 2 is just too addicting :3
    I don't know that you ever did, but it's alright. I stopped trading Pokemon that I didn't breed directly. Everything in my thread is now solely my own. Plus, I rarely trade anymore. I just never got into the 5th generation, and I'm too busy with school and other activities. Thanks for offering though. I don't remember breeding anything for you, but if I did and you need a post, let me know.
    Kinda sorta. I was lucky that I actually had a qualifier like, 20 minutes from my house, but I did sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I very well might go to Michigan in April, or just go to Indi in June. But we'll see when the time gets closer.
    You know, actually, since we're less than 1 week away from having our new baby, I haven't actually had time in the evenings to get on myself. I think from the past that like, November-March is a slow time on IRC anyway.
    B/W is wonderful. They fixed so many things that the players always wished they would have fixed. For example, you can trade striaght from your box now, so if you need to trade 20 or so it only takes a few minutes and you don't have to keep going back out to get 6 more. That kind of little stuff. They also have random-wifi, like PBR had, on B/W. Plus, I really like the new mons. Some people complain about the new mons, but I've been making top 10 in the US/world on Ranked random wifi with a team of 5th gen mons. They can be very good!
    I just checked all my boxes in my Diamond and I don't see anything with Zelda on it, sorry. :(
    BW is amazing! =D RNG is so easy compared to past gen. I abused my ID and have been doing a shiny runthrough--- so awesome. Wish you were still playing. D=
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