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  • You have received 1 strike from the Smogon Creators Organization.

    Reason: "Theorymoning and flawed arguments"

    We would like to apologize for this, but after continuously seeing you contribute overall negative discussion to our threads and theorymoning, you have received a strike. This is only your first strike out of three possible, so don't worry, your still in good shape, and you wont receive any posting restrictions because of it. However, you are on probation, and if you continue to have overall poor performance in our group, then you'll instantly receive another strike. If you receive two more, then you'll be removed from the group. We apologize, but we must enforce our rules.

    This strike expires: May 23, 2013.

    After this date, you will no longer have this warning. If, however, you receive another warning before this date, this date will be extended.

    Stay frosty!

    Well I mean...changes happen you know? Sorry for losing my cool @ you hahaha
    But just curious: Is Infernape a favorite of yours? If so , this whole thing would make a lot more sense
    This is seriously getting on my nerves at this point. Listen once more and don't repeat arguments:

    Kyurem-B has massive power and in conjunction with his near perfect coverage he's pretty damn unstoppable once he sets up. Outrage, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Fusion Bolt, Ice Beam and Earth Power are his offensive moves of choice and they fare well against whatever relevant threat he needs to take out whether it be Jirachi or Skarmory. His Speed becomes of little issues once he is able to set-up a Substitute. With his Massive Bulky and resistances, it isn't all too hard either. Moves like Volt Switch, Power Whip, Giga Drain and so forth are easy Substitute moments. His typing suffers severely because he is part Ice-Type yes. But in a curse comes a blessing. STAB Ice moves are hard to come by and are definitely devastating in the right Pokemon. Kyurem-B shouldn't be tanking hits like a wall or be outspeeding Pokemon. We are all aware of his shortcomings and so we play around it with sets that work with his nature. Choice Banded , Mixed or Substitute Kyurems fit the bill. Common Threats can pulverize him? Many A-Rank and S-Rank Pokemon can be "pulverized" by common threats.

    Speed Tying is certainly not bad, but considering how frail Infernape is, speed tying with such a threat is not safe. Infernape can take out Forretress, Ferrothorn and Skarmory without Set-Up? They suffer from low SpD stats or extreme 4x Weaknesses. Infernape is actually still walled pretty hard by certain Pokemon even in an All-Out-Attacking set [which is pretty much his only viable set in OU], because he suffers from 4MSS. Jellicent, Dragonite, Tentacruel, Gyarados and so forth are capable of stopping Infernape depending on what he is running. Another issue with Infernape is that if isn't able to KO a Pokemon he must switch out or sacrifice due to extremely frail nature.
    DD and SD are haxorus's main draws over kyurem-b. Kyurem isn't really walled by tyranitar heatran magnezone ETC, because of EP and Focus blast. That SR weakness stinks, but salamence and D-nite share this problem. Kyurem-b is great when used properly.
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