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  • Haha, been doin nice man, just chillin out, listening to music, hangin with friends, yeah. You?
    hey man, sorry, but I've got upcoming competitions to prep up for, and I can't study for both competitions and tutor efficiently at the same time.
    Eh you can try it, it could work too I suppose. Breloom isn't that common which is why I didnt really worry about it, but you can change it if you want :P
    Lol, if Bulky DD is that bad, you could give CM Virizion a shot over Gyarados. You get a f/w/g with tran and gastro, so great defensive / typing synergy. In addition to that you get an awesome late game cleaner with Scizor trapping and killing reuniclus / latios / latias (virizion's counters). Give it a shot
    sorry, the other raters have covered basically everything. Only thing I can say is, bring Dnite back over Gyarados. Gyarados hits like a girl without any boosts, and after a boost the bulky variant is still not breaking past most walls. You only made the change because of the Ice- weakness I'm thinking, and you already have two solid resists in Heatran / Scizor. Dragonite can hit extremely hard right off the bat, and IMO is a greater offensive threat than gyarados
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