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  • Thanks for my challeng but i have an issue voldemort the pawnarid has to solo elese coul my snivy solo burgh instead?
    Cyzir said you can get your entries in after the deadline, but you keep the avatar until New Years' I think. I sent mine in yesterday but it was pretty bad. xD
    You said you needed a tutorial with how to pillow-shade sprites, but it's really quite easy.

    Recolor everything inside the outlines to white, and recolor all the outline to black. You use the darkest shade and go along the outline (sometimes second darkest so that it doesn't turn out too dark), and once you've finished going around the outline (one pixel, by the way), you start the next color with the same process. Continue until you run out of colors/space.

    Hope this makes sense, haha. If it doesn't, message me or Server_Crash, please.
    Na, I use a program called "Deep Freeze" and it keeps my computer 100% guaranteed from viruses but at a cost: It resets every change to the hardrive after it has started up.
    Its better then any anti-virus software, thats for sure.
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