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  • mnm ssnl i'm -7 i can do p much anytime past 11am if i know in advance
    I'm GMT+2.
    If you can, we can play wednesday or thursday.
    Dragonillis#2461, it's my discord, it's better for communicate
    Salut on doit jouer pour l'aaa ssnl. Je suis dispo à peu près n'importe quand donc dis juste une horaire et je serai là.
    Hi, we should play gsc cup, i'm gmt +2 and can play past 6pm my time most days
    Hi, i'm GMT+2
    Are you free everyday ?
    Dragonillis#2461 is my discord, PM me, it's better to communicate
    sup bro dpp cup. i'm get backer#0509 on discord, add me there and hit me up when you want to paly
    so when do you wanna play for aaa open. I'm -6, would very much like to play before the weekend since that's my finals
    paired for TS in OMWC, I'm -5. When do you want to play? I can do afternoons and weekend.
    Hi, I'm GMT+1
    saturday is you can, because mock exam + school this saturday, 4-5 PM for you ? (10-11 PM for me)
    Or sunday if you prefer
    Quantum Tesseract
    Quantum Tesseract
    Either of those should be fine. Let’s shoot for Saturday.
    SSBB Tour, I am gmt. Tell me when are you able to play
    Sunday if you here
    But if you see me on showdown, chall me (Dragonillis)
    prolly can't sunday, let's try if I see you on these days
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