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  • The time you were on today was pretty perfect :P. Next few days will be harder to play cause we have a guest over but we can try and get this done or get a 2 day extension or something :)
    Heh earlier is much worse for me considering I'm already a borderline insomniac lol. Maybe 5/6 PM EST?
    Hmm you're barely ever on >.<. Umm if you mean by 2 AM EST, then yeah thats a pretty good time for me, 2 PM EST is a bit harder for me to make though tbh although I can try.
    Do you wanna actually set a time to battle, you're not very active which is hard for me, despite the fact that whenever I'm home I'm on the comp to check if you're on :(
    pretty good - you? i havent had computer/internet at home for a couple of months now, so ive not been all that active on smogon apart from the battle frontier thread....
    That banner looks absolutely incredible, but my nitpick is that Nidoqueen looks like the Ken Sugimori artwork, which isn't the same as my Nidoqueen pixel over (unfortunately it's quite important that it's a pixel over as that is the point of the whole project. I would love it if you might change it to my image, sorry for the trouble! For reference here is the Nidoqueen picture I put in my PM (I think). The rest of the banner is exactly what I wanted though - breathtaking!
    I use Fear OU in smogon server, I prefer to get the match done the faster possible.
    hey, hows it going with that other guy for uber inclusion? (i cant remember his name at the moment.) im working on a team right now, so ill be ready soon.
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