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  • That’s a neat approach to Salazzle and I was actually was gonna mention Sub-Toxic on my nomination, but I felt Specs/Scarf were more affective in the current meta. Sub-Toxic is rather passive and can’t effectively break through Gliscor and Fini which have been popping up on Balance more frequently. https://pokepast.es/cabcf340706f35e7
    i dont think u should wait on me to do protean greninja, since the noms will be treated differently anyway
    Going to sleep for now. I'll probably test out some of the more recently-nominated OU stuff in the morning. Mega Aerodactyl seems cool!
    Hey man, just wanted to say that it's nice to see a new user post smart arguments and that stay civil. Too many new users nowadays often try to act edgy or just post a bunch of calcs, but you actually bring up legitimate points and stay smart and on-topic, which really elevates a thread's quality. Keep it up!
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