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  • Harry Hydrangea popped a roll of bubble wrap on his front porch while his dog Gloria buried copies of Pac-Man World 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube under the big tree.
    Joe Smith looked up at the many ears on his ceiling and shook his head. "Aw, beans. Looks like the pineapple palooza is out of squirrels again.
    Gregory Filanigander rummaged through his spice rack with increasing desperation. "No, no, no, no! It has to be here. It HAS to be here." A squawk pierced the air and terror surged through Gregory's chest. He knew he was almost out of time.
    Atticus Sworthington stooped down to smell the petunias in his garden whilst his neighbor wrestled a bear for the remote.
    Marvin the Muffin Man was arrested on accounts of tax evasion and using his bakery on Drury Lane as a front for organized crime
    Henry and George looked on in horror as Johnathan revealed his extensive collection of decaying kumquats
    I read your about me
    henry ... george ... johnathan ... decaying Citrus japonica

    sorry chief, not writing out the full thing. it feels dirty to read and write that sentence
    Saw your comment on an Underdogs video. I can't escape you online
    I'm like Justin Y or Christopher Moon but just for you, apparently.
    I dont want to clog up the thread but i agree, more liberal quickbanning would eb good in a DLC environment. My point was more that those guys were arguing against the council having that power, and yet were annoyed that ace is getting retested instead of just being in ubers untested until the end of dlc1.
    Yanni Siderás looked out over the Aegean Sea while eating a gyro with a side of spanakopita.
    captain cauliflower, the dreaded pirate of the seven seas, jammed to lmfao's party rock anthem on his ipod mini while mowing his lawn... or so i hear.
    Nonsense it was cancerous-T I literally saw it on every team its an annoying mon to face against and gamefreak is full of people who do not understand competitive logic and seeing Landorus's buffs make that obvious.. why does landorus get a decent buff but other pokemon don't U-Turn,Defog,Knock off,Stealth Rock its like a 3 ring circus goddamn gamefreak needs to let me and others take control.
    I hopped on the vid "How the Japanese Government got Mr. Resetti fired" and noticed you had a highly liked comment on it. Small world huh
    "Honestly, Nat Dex OU should not exist, at least not in the state that it's in currently. It's genuinely an embarrassment to Smogon."

    We're about to be throwing some hands
    I wouldn't be saying that if "Nat Dex" actually meant "national dex". Currently, it means "national dex plus a clusterfuck of moves, items, and mechanics".
    Heavyweapons Mann
    Heavyweapons Mann
    So it would be better without Megas or Z-moves?
    The Amazonian Rainforest
    "Norman the walrus ate a cantaloupe while reading the Sunday paper" I cannot find your wall cuz I don't know where you live but I hope that posting this in your profile will get the job done :)
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