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  • i probably cant make it for the first cycle; we're having family come into town and i generally have a gazillion things to do this week (several of which i only found out about yesterday/today). i'd love to do it but i don't think i have the time to jump in during this first few days - do you think it'd be okay if i joined you guys on the second go-around?
    ALRIGHT except i just went to the store i probably should have gotten some soda or something :(

    but yup i'm good! is there anything else you would like me to bring aside from chips/soda which i can probably get
    awesome! uhh laptop yes although my cord is stupid as shit so it might take me a few minutes to start it up and probably won't be able to move it at all

    also my dad wants to take me over there too so he knows where to go in the morning, so you don't have to worry about that
    my dad said i can, he'll be able to pick me up in the morning i just gotta wake up early!
    well on sunday morning we're going over to my grandparents' pretty early (like 9 am afaik right now) to go eat breakfast and do eastery things. my mom said she can try to talk them into doing the easter stuff later tomorrow, so hopefully i can!
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