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  • Well I'm pretty sure the NP Simisage set is more dangerous than the physical set due to a more self-sufficiant way to boost attack, as well as most Rock- and Ground- Types being more physically defensive than specially defensive. It also lets it use stuff like Focus Blast and various Hidden Powers for coverage, while the physical set only has a select set of coverage options (though, they are pretty powerful options such as Crunch, Brick Break, and stuff like that.). Yeah it was Flying Gem Acrobatics, and at +2 it OHKOs the bulkiest variants of Leafeon for sure, like around 105% - 125%. At +0 it's still a good 2HKO, though.

    Tbh Simipour does the physical sets better than Simisage, but Simisage has the bitchin design.
    My team wasn't based around passing per se, I was just trying SDPass for fun. Decided to use Ursaring and a physical Simisage (the Simisage set being Sub / Seed Bomb / Acrobatics / Low Kick). I decided such because I wanted to run Protect on Ursaring over SD so I could guarantee my Quick Feet to activate and Simisage because I love using the physical set in NU but it doesn't have a way to boost its Attack outside of Work Up or a berry. Overall, I loved how it worked, but I got bored of it after a while.

    And Rotom-F is just a fucking beast lol. It fits on literally any team and cleans up on the majority of the tier.
    I usually use Physically Defensive Leafeon to counter Fraxure, but at that time I was using Swords Dance + Baton Pass, so I could pass Attack boosts to my Ursaring and Simisage. That was mainly why I was surprised that I didn't kill the Stunfisk immediately. It was some sort of bulky offensive with Sludge Wave / TBolt / Earth Power / Stealth Rock, and it was pretty cool. I just don't like how easily Stunfisk is merced by Golduck, so I may not get to using very often.
    Yeah I was running Bulky Sunny Day with Solar Beam / Earth Power / HP Fire. It was pretty much a nuke, but its fragility let it down.

    Also yeah, I've been meaning to try Stunfisk. Strong Earth Powers and TBolts / Discharges are pretty awesome and hard to stop, and a nice immunity to paralysis is great. Its access to Scald is nice to patch up its weak physical defense, too. I've seen it a lot as a Stealth Rock lead as well. I used to think my Leafeon would wall the thing, but it whipped out Sludge Wave and straight up OHKOd me lol.
    For me thinking I know more than I do and not playing often sorta go hand in hand lol.

    Yeah, I really love Trace Porygon over Download mainly to better combat Rain. At least you're able to paralyze Golduck or Mantine or something then proceed to use the newfound speed to paralyse switch-ins or whatever. I also like coming in on non-Rain Mantine with Water Absorb and completely fucking it over lol. But I see the merit in Download for sure. Analytic is also pretty bad-ass, as Porygon is pretty slow. Also, I can see Luxray users raging over Porygon with Trace lol.

    (as you can see, I ramble as well lol)

    I think my favorite mon to use in PU so far is actually Sunflora. I don't know why, but Solar Power boosted SolarBeams and Earth Powers are so so satisfying to hit people with lol. But its really frail so its hard to hit stuff, but it has a good payoff imo.
    Yeah I tend to do that a lot, too. Mostly because I'm not really able to battle often due to real life stuff.

    So, I remember to saying in the Pu Viability Ranking Thread that you were using Porygon. How did you like it? I had used it and Gastly during research week and was a big fan of the bulk attacker set with Tri Attack / Ice Beam / Thunder Wave / Recover.
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