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  • hello again, i got this Ralts (F) - Timid, Synchronize, 11\30\18\31\30\31 [109], it matches your SV so you can have it :D. i dont want anything in return, if you want it, then it´s yours.
    Hey i Have an Egg with ur SV 109. Would u mind hatching and giving it a nickname for me? xD

    My FC: is 2079 6888 8668
    Hi! sure! fc 5300-9505-2128 ign:elisabete
    added u :)
    Awesome Im hoping on right now. Would u mind nicknaming it Kasper for me?
    Hello elisabete i found you on reddit SV list (your number is 109 right? XD) could you please help me hatch an egg? my fC is 3711-7670-0639 IGN Sinon. it´s not much but i can give you a 4iv froakie for the trouble :D.
    hey man or gal i have a charmander egg that has a shiny value that matches your trainer value so i was wondering if you could hatch it for me my fc is 4055 4142 9388 thanks man hopefully you see this soon XD ty
    im so sorry didnt see that you are a gal XD
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