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  • hey try getting RU Absol written up as soon as possible, you'll get the 3rd QC check after writing it if you weren't aware of the QC changes.
    Okay, the vote happened and Mew is staying UU. I got your skeleton QC-ready, so you can take over it again if you still want to write it!
    it hasnt been denied actually, its only going to be like a week and half because ibo went inactive before deciding
    i got the aop badge just a little while ago because ive been active in #pokemon

    i got the TC badge when i got on the RU senate and voted once, i only need one more vote for TC alumnus now :o

    and yep, spam vms are fun :>.
    I still invite you to help! You can help with the threatlist too! Contact me on IRC for details ^^
    I decided to wait on it until after we finish voting since it might just get BLd, but if you want to get a head start in case it isn't, let me know and I'll do get the QC team on it.
    hi you have two braviaries(?) in your signature, and was just wondering if you only meant to have one
    Alright I'm taking it over temporarily then; I'll let you know when its ready to be written up.
    No worries man. You're a good writer and I'd like you to do it so here's what I'm willing to do:

    If you're really keen on working on Mew, we can do it together. I'll edit the OP myself with any QC changes so its ready for you in two weeks (and maybe even write the NP set since that's the one I've been using a whole bunch). This of course, only if you're willing to do that and can assure me you'll be able to actually finish as soon as exams are over.

    Alternatively, I could just take it over if you don't think you'll be able to do it / don't really want to, lol. Your call; either way no hard feelings.
    hey man can you show some progress on UU Mew? its a pretty important analysis and i'd like to get it on-site ASAP.
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