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    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Boom Boom Pow

    It's hard to even begin with the problems of this mechanic. I think the best argument for the ban ultimately boils down to the effect on player's ability to make long term plans within games. The exponential increase of outcomes when looking multiple turns ahead reduces our ability to judge...
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    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting] Clangorous Soul still raises stats when below 33% but doesn't remove HP which doesn't seem to line up with its description. Happened when encored originally which I thought...
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    SM OU HP Ground Magearna: 24-1 off a fresh alt

    Thanks for the responses guys. You're absolutely right about Celesteela as one of the defensive threats I forgot to mention. Since the team lacks a leech seed immunity it largely forces me to use Latias to pivot into it, clicking roost and trying to then get into Heatran without catching another...
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    SM OU HP Ground Magearna: 24-1 off a fresh alt

    Haven't built an OU team in a hot minute since I mostly steal RobJr's stuff or use stall. Wanted to post this here and get some advice as the team moves into the parts of the ladder where its imperfections will actually be punished. Magearna @ Fairium Z Ability: Soul-Heart EVs: 72 HP / 4...
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    Resource SM ZU Viability Rankings (VR Changes #375)

    You can't be disrespecting Oranguru like that, 3 grades below Onix smh
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    SM OU Marshadow Stall

    The most broken pokemon in the game has been released so it followed that it should fit on the most broken team! Building stall around Marshadow struck me as a great concept because of its amazing matchup vs top stallbreakers such as Sub Coil Zygarde, Taunt Lele and Zard X. Without further ado...
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2017 - Signups

    Pokemon Showdown Usernames: President Gary, Eoin482 Tiers: Oras OU Country: Republic of Ireland Specialist in ORAS draft (counter-team) format with over a 90% career win rate across multiple leagues (64-7).
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    ORAS OU End of an Era: Lets Just Live

    Really cool team, a couple of lesser seen mons that are really clever picks for defensive synergy. I agree with Leftiez suggestion for improving the matchup vs Megagross, but I have one other change that is partially just me being ocd lol. Sub seed Serp should run 52 Sp def, over the HP...
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    ORAS OU Enter the Dragon: Zard X Manaphy balance

    Hello folks wanted to put out one more squad before the new meta is upon us, and decided to build around two of my favourite mons competitively, who happen to form a neat core, Charizard X and Manaphy. Teambuilding Process Charizard @ Charizardite X Ability: Blaze EVs: 104 HP / 252...
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    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7 - Diamonds [Read post #226] [BANNED]

    Saying Sableye is not a good check to Medicham because of ice punch freezes and the need to recover and that all stall should run Dugtrio; if any of this is the case we might as well give up and go home. Again, I'm not suggesting the hypothetical effects of a Pokemon as a reason against a ban...
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    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7 - Diamonds [Read post #226] [BANNED]

    Just wanted to point something out because the arguments I am reading on this point, while not significant for the Sableye suspect, are incredibly poor. If Sableye goes, we lose Medicham. Full stop. If you disagree, try this simple thought experiment: List all the Pokemon in your head that you...
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    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7 - Diamonds [Read post #226] [BANNED]

    So I think like a lot of people I was very surprised by the timing of this suspect, when some extremely unhealthy strategies like Baton Pass and extreme HO are on the rise. I don't think Sableye, stall, or gimmick trio strategies are broken in the current meta, for reasons I will argue below...
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    ORAS OU Mega Tyranitar BO (Peak 1879)

    This team is absolute fireflames, I love the Mew, and mega t-tar is something that needs more love. I'm all for the spirit of lure anything whenever possible but I think Multiscale > Dank Focus is gonna have to be the head over heart change. Keld is real. But overall love the innovations in...
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    ORAS OU Mega Latias Bulky Offense

    Hey that's a very cool team, I'm a big fan of Mega Latias who doesn't see enough use. There is definitely some nice type synergy to the team and I think with one or two adjustments it can be even scarier. The first thing I notice is that building around Mega Latias, you haven't run the CM set...
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    ORAS OU A WTF Team! - Wonder Trio Force (Peaked 1883)

    Hi nice modifications to the standard Sheddy team, I'd just add to the threat list Weavile plus CM Clef. If Sheddy is pursuit trapped after a kill or on a double, it's GG, likewise if CM Clef gets in before you have a chance to Defog it becomes hard to get out of the matchup with Zapdos healthy...