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  • hey, we're matched for uupl, how available are you during the weekend? I'm est if that helps
    I'm free all of Thursday and Sunday but Friday/Saturday (well I can do Saturday morning I guess..) is no good for me. Pretty sure we're the same time zone so let me know what works for you. I'm also free this afternoon/evening.
    Morning or afternoon for you? I could make, say, thursday 7:00 pm gmt+1 or up to around 11:00 pm gmt+1 as well, although I like more around 7:00 pm gmt+1 if it doesn't make difference to you
    Oh, I received a call today and had a medical appointment changed to tomorrow around the time we scheduled. Can we change it to Saturday? Or if you're on mIRC maybe I can catch you during the night too

    And sorry >_>
    When do you wanna play for SPL? I'm GMT-2 and free any day during the afternoon/evening
    you would have an iphone. and play pokemon in a coffee shop. I am here and on irc hopefully you come soon~
    I talked with MarceloDK and MDragon and they'd do what they could to fix it. Apparently, if you have a spotty connection the server might decide you're a spambot. I still can't access ATQ though.

    I'm probably free this evening - check for me on IRC.
    Hey - The Dove Shack is currently not up on The Registry, and I haven't been able to sign on to ATQ/Global Casino for about a month, I'm kicked out immediately. Do you know any other servers that we can play on?
    Just got around to listening to the commentary. Very nice job man!

    Also, thanks for the little shoutout. Very nice to meet you as well.
    Hey. I'm busy until Thursday evening, but after that I should be fine. Do you have the time to play Thursday afternoon around 2-3 PM, your time zone? I'm GMT+1.
    I was answering to your previous VM in which you asked me when I would be able to play.
    Now, I don't know if you did this on purpose but you ignored me on IRC. I bet it wasn't on purpose because everybody knows you're a good guy :)
    I absolutely cannot play this week-end, meaning we have to play either tomorrow evening/night or on friday. About friday since we're here, I can find a way to be here during the afternoon (GMT+1) or late in the night.
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