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  • sorry, the download failed.
    when I get my own computer I'll let you know, (hopefully soon).
    I only have a no.
    I can do most web-based stuff though.

    can you post a link to pikatimer so I can see if it works?
    I want to learn how to rng please!
    the last guy I tried to learn it from was a real jerk, though...
    can you teach me to rng using emoloop?
    I have a mac only....sorry.
    well, thanks anyway
    I'm there and waiting. Since you are using HG, please be aware there is a glitch that can my Pearl invisible. If this happens, I may need to go in and out of wifi to make you see me. If I don't see you in three minutes, I'll do that.
    Thanks, EXIE. Yes, it would help if mingot put a link to it in the RNG help thread.

    I tried doing another seed with frame 3 and it was a total fail again. However, it had a time close to the end of the hour 19:57. I wonder if the problem isn't just when the hour rolls over at the end of the day, like dafinal said, but whenever the clock rolls around at the top of an hour. So I'm trying a frame of three again but at a far earlier time with no chance of the clock rolling over to a new hour.
    Glad I could help. You know it was only like yesterday when I was in your shoes, before I bred my first shiny! I think it's because I'm new to this too that I explained things as simply as possible. You was tutored? Did it help? I'm on a waiting list for an RNG tutor, I still dont know how to RNG abuse legends and wild pokes. But anyway, I'm glad I could help someone in the same situation as I was.
    Thank you so much for posting that answer on the RNG help thread. I tried for three or four days to get a simple answer, but what you posted is very close to what I learned when I was tutored, so now I can go forward again with RNG on HG. Thank you again. I truly appreciate it.
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