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  • Hey there, I'm your round 5 opponent for the VGC Tournament. My timezone is GMT + 0 and I'm free this weekend and weekday nights from 6 - 10pm my time. Since I'm often free I'm happy to try and fit around your timezone. Hopefully we can find a time that suits us!
    Hey man im ur matchup for the second matchup of the smogon. Im available from jan 16th untill 6th at 18:00-23:00. Both cartridge or showdown is avaibable. Hit me up whenever you can. Also my timezone is GMT+1.
    Hello nick. So sorry for the late reply, i just got back from a local tournament today

    My timezone is GMT +7
    Would jan 16th, 18.00 your time on showdown be ok with you? Thank you
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