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    Tournament UUWC II Format Discussion

    I definitely agree with what you're saying. The 2 players is (to me, although I may have worded that poorly) just an ideal scenario where every tier has some sort of buffer should your main player not be able/want to play for whatever reason, but I do concede that this is not realistic and it's...
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    Tournament UUWC II Format Discussion

    I haven't posted seriously in ages, so bear with me. I'm aiming to just give my thoughts on things from a purely organizational standpoint. I also have zero intention of playing in this tour, even with how limited in players Asia is, and don't even care enough to argue for my friends, so there...
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    Eyan's bored drawings

    Forgot about this one, but I did this for the Canalave Clefables in DPP PL
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    ORAS UU - Conkeldurr Voting

    Conkeldurr: Ban
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    ORAS UU Conkeldurr

    I skimmed briefly through Pak's post, and with how much he wrote, I doubt there's anything I can add that hasn't already somewhat been mentioned, but here goes. I mean ORAS UU is really the only meta I can say I know well enough about and have played in recent times, so yeah. Conkeldurr is...
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    Eyan's bored drawings

    This is literally the only drawing I've done in the last 4 months (thanks university). 2021 Smogon World Cup of Pokemon: Logo for Team Asia
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    UU Latias [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    GP 2/2 add / correct remove comments [OVERVIEW] Latias stands at the top of UU as one of the most metagame defining threats in the tier, as its good offensive stats and movepool make it very difficult to switch into. Latias also has a fantastic defensive typing, which, alongside its...
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    UU Alolan Ninetales [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    GP 2/2 add / correct remove comments [OVERVIEW] Alolan Ninetales is the only relevant Pokemon in UU that can consistently set up Aurora Veil. Its great Speed tier allows it to set up Aurora Veil in front of almost all other UU foes, and its access to support moves like Hypnosis and Encore...
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    Eyan's bored drawings

    Been mainly doing logos for some team tournaments. UU Snake Draft (Dragon's Den Dragonairs) UU Snake Draft Dreamyard Diancies LTPL Artistic Articunos Been doing some matchup cards for RU and UU circuit playoffs too. Trainer assets are from the games...
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    Tournament UU Snake Draft I - Commencement

    A week late, but I drew my own team's logo
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    nui i heard you like viv's avatars

    nui i heard you like viv's avatars
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    Tournament UnderUsed Snake Draft I: Player Sign-ups [Draft Sunday November 22nd @ 3PM EST/GMT -5]

    Player Name: Eyan Tiers Played: ORAS UU Timezone: GMT+8
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    badabing, tis what im talking about

    badabing, tis what im talking about
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    has it really been this long. thanks! <33

    has it really been this long. thanks! <33
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    Serious Depression

    Hello, so I've never been someone to post about my issues in a public space (usually in private discords or in pms with good friends), and people that don't really know me probably don't know I had issues to begin with. But I've had such a journey throughout the past 10 odd years that I finally...