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    UU USM UU Cup I (UU Classic IV) - Signups

    If you give me teams and do well I'll send you good pre. in.
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    BLT VII: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament!

    Hi, I did the BLT VII records spreadsheet. Players that aren't playing this week will be automatically added when they do play (by the rules of the tour this should mean everyone is eventually added). Player prices will also be added later on. Do let me know if there are any issues.
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    BLT VII: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament!

    Hi there pal.
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    UU Rotom-Frost

    GP 1/1 add / correct remove comments [SET] name: Nasty Plot move 1: Nasty Plot move 2: Blizzard move 3: Discharge move 4: Volt Switch item: Heavy-Duty-Boots ability: Levitate nature: Timid evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Rotom-F is a niche option as a wallbreaker, (rc) due to...
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    UU Mimikyu 1/2 Look at me actually GP checking something while studying for finals.
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    UU Mimikyu

    add / edit remove comments [OVERVIEW] Mimikyu has a solid place in on UU offensive teams brilliant as a revenge killer and a solid cleaner on offensive teams. Its typing provides it with a lot of utility as its STAB moves provide neutral coverage on hit the entire tier for a guaranteed neutral...
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    UU UnderUsed Classic III Playoffs [Won by Chill Shadow]

    Grats to Chill Shadow for winning and to everyone else for making it to playoffs in the first place. With that, my job of hosting this circuit tour is over. Would like to give special mention to the cup hosts for making this so easy for me, since I'm busy a lot of the time, so thanks Kink...
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    Resource The UU Quality Control Team

    I'm stepping down as a UU C&C mod and QC leader with Nuked and Misa taking over as co-leaders. I'll probably remain on QC for the rest of the gen, but that's about it. :blobwizard:
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    UU UnderUsed Classic III Playoffs [Won by Chill Shadow]

    Don't think I have to say much so here's the finals: Finchinator vs Chill Shadow Please post when you're playing thanks!
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    UU UnderUsed Classic III Playoffs [Won by Chill Shadow]

    granted until the 4th. SEMIFINALS Finchinator vs. Raichy Kink vs. (Chill Shadow vs. HSA)
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    UU UnderUsed Classic III Playoffs [Won by Chill Shadow]

    banner made by HotFuzzBall UnderUsed Classic III Playoffs ~~~ Welcome to the Playoffs of the Smogon UnderUsed Classic III, where the top 8 players from our five UU Cups will duke it out for glory, bragging rights, and UU Circuit points. Each series will be best of five with the higher...
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    Tournament SabUUtage Tournament (Won by AgenS)

    Tags: The Thunderbirds Starmei Estarossa Ov3r Ac3 agenS Daiyaga
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    Resource USM UU Reservation Index (READ THE OP)

    Mimikyu is gonna be written and Stoward is writing it.