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  • Hey dude, you were a great tutee!!! Remember to keep practicing battling and team building. Also, did you pm the form you filled out to Battling101?
    Actually, VM me when you're online. I need to do something else and PS is causing lag.
    Ok, np. Evening will work, I'll be laddering under the alt: shawshank. Cya then :)
    Specs STAB Modest Choice Specs Thunder against +2 252/0 Jirachi does ~40%. That's definitelty going to 3hko after hazards. You could argue you would miss, but Sub CM Jirachi is always used under rain so that it can use Thunder, which has 3x the para chance of Thunderbolt, so your Thunder's will be 100% accurate too. You also have LO & rain boosted Surf, and Gengar's special move. In the end you just need to break its Sub and make sure it's within KO range of CC and you'll beat it only losing one mon :)
    I didn't see you on PS at our earlier, we have were supposed to have a lesson at 12pm, lol. If you still want a lesson, just reply to this vm and get on PS :)
    Hey FaceFaceFace, I have a free day today, so we could have a lesson at 3:30pm. But only if you want to ofc :)
    I'm on too, I'm The Gr8 Mighty Doom and just send me a PM on there when you're ready
    Hey FaceFaceFace, I'm your tutor for round 67 of battling 101. I'm online 4:00 -10:00 pm my time, and my name on Pokemon Showdown is Great Mighty Doom, The Gr8 Mighty Doom on PO, greatmightydoom on skype, and TGMDoom on PS. I'm pretty much free any day of the week and I'm happy to tutor you at any of the 4 places I listed earlier. So, VM me with where you want to do your first lesson and what times you'll be on, I'm looking foward to tutoring you :)
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