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  • I'll need a few minutes - I'm sending some Komatanas over for testing. Add my HG code.

    EDIT - Actually, I need a 4th gen code for you. Your About Me only has a 5th gen.
    I have the six pokemon you'll be Shifting for us. Pleae contact me to arrange for their delivery.
    Okay, we'll gather together the six we'd like to shift, and I'll notify you when we've got them all in one place.
    Well....actually, we never decided what we wanted shifted. We'll get back to figuring that out.
    Very well. When I determine what will be in the batch of six, I'll let you know and we can negotiate it out then, alright? I hate to be in the position of "Payment due for services rendered" when we haven't settled on what exactly that is.
    Excellent. By the way, it helps me a bit if you could leave replies on my VM board, so that I get a notice when I arrive that there's an incoming message. Feel free to also suggest what you would consider appropriate compensation.
    Thank you for the heads up. I totally understand real life, and I'm actually in the middle of breeding right now, so I won't be hung up. :3
    It may not be today, since he's busy at the moment with this phenomenon called "real life." When we've got them, I'll send you a message and we can arrange a time, okay? Just don't want you to be paralyzed by waiting for us.
    That's perfectly fine. Just contact me when the clones are made so I can start. Also, I would like a bit of warning as to how many Pokemon you are shifting since I'll have to catch that many junk Pokes on my SS.
    In case you see this before re-checking Mac Anu...yes I am in need of a Shifter, but I first need to have Lebowski make copies of my transfer subjects so that I can keep them in both generations.
    Okay then. I don't have any of the Pokemon you're looking for, mostly for lack of having a Dream World account and XD Gale of Darkness.
    HIT POINTS- part 1
    31-Often dozes off
    30-Loves to Eat
    29-Likes to Relax
    28-Scatters things often
    27-Often scatters things
    31-Likes to thrash about
    30-Proud of its' Power
    29-Quick Tempered
    28-Likes to fight
    27-A little Quick-Tempered
    31-Capable of taking hits
    30-Sturdy Body
    29-Good perseverance
    28-Good endurance
    27-Highly persistent
    31-Alert to sounds
    30-Likes to run
    29-Quick to flee
    28-Somewhat of a clown
    27-Impetuous and silly
    30-Highly Curious
    29-Very Finicky
    28-Often lost in thought
    27-Thoroughly cunning
    31-Somewhat Vain
    30-Strong Willed
    29-Somewhat Stubborn
    28-Hates to lose
    27-Strongly Defiant

    so basicly only check the ones that have a green charisteristic. if you have platinum there is another easy way if you have plat tell me and i will tell you it.
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