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  • Hey, our match has been extended until Sunday. Tomorrow, Saturday, I can make most times between noon and 6 PM tomorrow, but I will likely be busy with Tour from 3-5. I won't be online before 2 unless a time is scheduled prior to that, though. I'm not sure as to my availability on Sunday, yet.
    Hello. We are paired for the fifth round of the VGC12 tournament. When are you available to battle? I am GMT-5 and can make most times in the afternoon so long as they are scheduled in advance.
    im available 24/7, i can give you my phone number so you can call me at the exact moment you want to battle if you want
    hey! oh cool, i'm pst too. i like to sleep a lot so i'm not sure when i can make myself available but hopefully we can work something out.
    let's try 6 pm est on tuesday. that sound good to you?

    edit: just remembered i have to see a doctor tomorrow or tuesday, but i don't know what time the appointment is. how's about we just find each other on IRC and play then?
    I know what you mean im sure you'll both do great! I wish i coulda made it, 2 effect spore sleeps in a row knocked me out of top 8 potential top 4
    how is thursday night around 9 pm my time/6 pm yours? if that doesn't work, i can do saturday or sunday afternoon

    edit: I just remembered Thursday doesn't work for me, sorry man. how's Saturday the 21 at 5 PM my time/ 2 PM yours? That's basically the earliest I can guarantee myself to be free.
    hey, we've gotta play for the vgc tourney. when do you want to play? I'm EST, and my schedule's pretty tight for the next week, but if you want, we could play now.
    Sorry got to go right now. I get off at 7 so I might be able to catch you. If not I'll ask for a few days extension so we can get this done.
    We got to play for the VGC tour. I'm going on a cruise from the 1st until the 8th so I think it would be best if we played after I got back, but if you are good to go tomorrow I can make that work as well.
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