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  • It's a good name :3

    Also, you should come chat on #orangeislands on SynIRC with the OI kids. It's fun ^.^
    Yea, Genwunners don't understand Pokemon the way most people do. They are a disgrace to the fanbase.
    Started playing NU a little awhile ago for sawk and thoh haha. Still i played monotype mostly (ice) and since X and Y are coming up, im going back trying OU, but im quite a noob for now. Might play around with sawk for the giggles a bit, but love it in NU :) Throh also works AWESOME in NU with his bulk upcircle throw chesto rest set
    Ah cool! Jiu-jitsu is awesome. Watched some videos from some advanced techniques (scissors and stuff) a while ago, looks awesome. I myself do Kyokushinkaikai budokai karate (simply said full contact karate with a bit of jiu-jitsu based techniques in between now and then, tough competitions are simply full contact karate). I too am not that good, but I started like a year ago, but I train like 3 to 4 times a week karate+ exercising at gym. So it's become a huge part of my life in quite a short while, and will do my first competition in june. I like talking to people about martial arts :D
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