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  • NPC's even not moving but spinning will mess with your PIDRNG later when you are attempting to capture Sandshrew, meaning it will be slightly tougher.

    The time to be noting is when you actually boot the game up from the DS menu. Also remember not to hit A till you are to the cut scene of the game otherwise it may read it as a Keypress. Remember to not turn on the C-Gear as well.
    Oh ok that explains why your getting no results, being lower leveled Pokemon, there iv ranges are much larger making rngreporter unable to find the right timer0 for your game, once we get the exact IVs of the Pokemon you trade me you should be ok. Make sure to note the time(like they say in the steps, follow them to T and then when we will get the IVs for you to enter).

    Only other problem I can see is there any moving NPCs in the relic castle?
    Ok where are you capturing said Pokemon? Using anything prior to Victory Road will give you a ton of results. Next you should have 4-5 rare candies from in game(if you havent used them) so you can use those to level up the newly caught monster to help narrow the IVs. Lastly if you have no rare candies, you can always trade the newly caught pokemon over to me(remember this saves the game so if you do this dont use your masterball on it) and Ill give you the exact IVs so you can calculate your parameters.
    Ok lets start with some basic stuff, are you on a PC or Mac for RNG Reporter? Have you gone through the Find DS Parameters part yet or is this where you are getting stuck? If you found your Parameters what are you trying to abuse and where?
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