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  • Jun 3rd, 2013 10:12:05 AMFlap
    I stop reading after 5th grade Lmfao! Your so dumb and blind ill curb stomp you stfu lmfaoooo
    What does this even mean? You stop reading after 5th grade? How does that mean I'm dumb and blind? First of all if I do say so myself I'm the smartest kid in the whole damn country and you'd better believe it.
    And second, I'm not blind. I can see pretty darn well, thank you very much.

    And please don't reply, I'm not your daily source of entertainment or something, so stop acting like I am.

    And btw, I only live with my family because I'm in FIFTH GRADE YOU (BAN ME PLEASE), I haven't learned everything yet and I happen to come from a family that just happens to help people born to them GROW UP AND MAYBE GET A JOB, LIKE SAY, OH, 99.999999999999999999% OF FAMILIES.
    And yes, I said the country sucks, as in, Barack Obama & EVERY DEMOCRAT IN THE GOVERNMENT ARE SINGLEHANDEDLY SCREWING UP OUR COUNTRY, OUR FREEDOM. But of course, idiots who go around insulting people who are just trying to have a light, friendly, good Pokèmon battle on a website (like you) wouldn't know a thing, a single OUNCE OF INFORMATION, on something like that. LOL
    Honestly, I only have one thing to say after all this.


    Why would you waste other people's time like this?

    Why would you waste your OWN TIME, your LIFE, doing this?


    Popularity? Certainly not.


    Low self-esteem?

    Just trying to be an asshole?


    Think about that.

    And don't respond.

    Have a nice day.
    You talk enough shit to fit into something the size of Jupiter, and how much of it do you back up? NONE!!!
    So please get OFF THESE FORUMS, all you do is put people down and we're all SICK AND TIRED OF IT. If you're seriously going to waste other people's time, go to
    Oh yeah, and I just noticed that FLAP rhymes with CRAP, which is what you are. Please fix your personality before continuing activity on Smogon.
    It's because of people who are idiots (like you) that our country is in such a mess.
    You still dced before it was complete therefore your just another dcer get over it
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