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  • Hi!..sorry for my bad english..i have an egg of a froakie with your trainer shiny value 1955..i added you as my friend..can you please add me as your friend and help me?..i hope that you can help me:)
    this is my friend code: 2251 5403 8632
    my name in game is ilias, i want no nickname for it. thank you
    I'm sorry, my shiny value isn't 1955. If it was 2426 I would gladly help you!
    TSV 2426 match for my egg. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out by hatching an egg for me. My details are the following: Kyo - 1590 5586 2542
    I can definitely do that! 0817-4571-6241, IGN Molly, I'll be online most of tonight (eastern time)
    hey fletch i have a egg with your value ould you hatch my egg please my fc is 4940-6780-9053
    Sure thing, my code is 0817-4571-6241. I'll add yours. (IGN Molly)
    thn kyou :-)
    Yeah, I'm new to the forums, I have lurked for a long time, but I signed up to help out with shiny value hatching. :)
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