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  • aww ok

    "lololol utpey rlyse afates"
    lol i cant for the life of me figure that out im sleepy .__.

    Im reading alot .__.
    I read Hunger Games
    I just finished its sequel Catchinf Fire today
    And tomorrow I start on third and final sequel Mockingjay

    I also read A Child Called "It"
    And im reading its sequel A man named Dave
    Ive read all those since I started in like late August lol ._____.

    And no I havent heard of any of the ones you listed =/
    omg in the vm 2 below i put "skill" when I meant "school" lol
    wow i mustve been typing too fast .___.
    I dont think a black guy attacked scout
    I think it was the black guy attacked and supposedly "raped" a girl of the town
    then atticus defends him
    then the whole town calls atticus a "(BAN ME PLEASE) lover" (lol)
    THEN a man from the town attacks scout out of rage for the man that "supposedly" raped that girl and then boo radley comes and beats up the guy, then scout says how they never thanked boo for all the stuff and then the end
    fuck ur bed

    to kill a flora

    atticus finsh = father to peeps below
    girl = scout brother = jem

    yes extremely boring everything else is completely irrelevant and doesnt even make sense. all it is is a bunch of little kids playing around on summer going to skill and talking in some 1960's southern accents and thats what I hate even more about that book because its so fucking hard to read sometimes. I havent read the book im on like chapter 8 but I wiki'd it and read the ending because I couldnt care less of it lol
    btw what book is it sounds fun and sexy

    grapes of wrath?

    What book are you talking about...?

    Boo Radley one lol?
    If so thats from To Kill A Mockingbird aka read and you will end up shooting yourself in the head from boredom
    i came to stab you with a pair of scissors while im cutting newspaper
    ps: omfg im reading that book now in english and it fucking sucks so fucking bad, it is so fucking boring nothing fucking happens at all, and all i want to do in that class is read the best book series ever hunger games...
    pss: i said fuck alot
    I haven't worked on Smogon analysis like you have for a reason. :<

    I just feel I don't have the grammar experience, nor anything useful to bring to the public. Most of the solid sets are already on site, and gen 4 is pretty much over. Gen 5 analysis is only open for badged members too.

    I can't think of anything I can do to contribute. The good news is the fact that gen 5 is here, and Serebii can be fun/give good practice.

    Yeah! If you can check our grammar, that would be great. <3 you. :3

    Hence why Blue Harvest, me, and some others will be writing them if we have time. Also, don't worry! It won't be nearly as bad as the pokemon of the week once was, AND it won't be as bad as my fun/noob Mesprit analysis on CA. xD
    When I try to use the move mod and teach Smeargle a move, it has Smeargle as "unable" to learn the move. =[

    I really hate dealing with Smeargles. xD
    Is there an easy way for my Smeargle to learn Counter? ;_;

    Double battles seems easy enough since Counter/Mirror Coat have negative priority IIRC.
    Yeah lol. So many troll threads, haha.

    Rezon the guy who posted the Super Machamp thread is my friend from Serebii. He likes to troll, and is actually a pretty good player! No joke.
    See how many fans you and I have!
    They're all waiting to just read our sexy conversations! ^_^
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