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  • You seem to be bombarded with people wanting to get there egg's hatched, I don't want to add to it, but if you do have the time to hatch my egg with the SV 1478 I would really be happy, I have other eggs that match with other SV's, but I prefer Ralts to be female and this is the only one that is a female egg out of the 4. My FC : 4253-3479-1938 IGN: Rin.
    hi can you help me hatch my kangaskhan egg ?i can give a shiny pokemon in return if you want me to
    hi there can you help me hatch my kangaskhan egg?
    my FC is 3239 - 3706 - 0515 IGN Cyrius thank you ^_^
    Hey! :) can you help me hatch an egg please? my FC is 1693-1690-5491 and ign Santiago thanks a lot!
    Hi I have an egg that matches your shiny value of 1602 and 1478 and I was wondering if you can hatch it around or after 2pm for me thats when i get home. Zed 2809 8779 5509.

    If you can it will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    I have an egg that matches your TSV 1602, can you hatch my egg?

    Forever July
    Forever July
    Sure, I can probably hatch it in the next couple hours or same time tomorrow.
    I'll be on all day and night checking every so often to see when you're online.
    Hi, do you have TSV 1478?

    Could you please help me hatch my dratini?

    Thank you in advance
    Forever July
    Forever July
    Yes, I have that SV. Do you still need help hatching?
    Yes, please :)
    My FC : 5198 2772 2209
    IGN : Jo
    Hey Mia, I wanted to say I'm sorry for the random pms that I've sent you a short while ago. I just realized that it wasn't necessary so I apologize.
    Sure I'll trade you the Latias for the Kyurem. When do you want to trade? I can trade now if you want.
    Just fine. How about you?

    when someone says credit points, they mean like hold the number of pokemon that you owe them for the pokemon that they have given you.

    For example: Like if I trade pokemon to you for 1 credit point for you to owe me, put it on your thread and save it for right now until that person comes back and see if you have anything that they want to use that credit point to get it that you owe them. Does that makes sense? If it doesn't, you can try asking on the SQSR (Simple question and simple request) thread, and wait for someone to answer. :)
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