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  • I was hoping that, with your permission, I could build a library at spawn. The problem is that the place where I wanted to build it is currently occupied by lancerwiked's tit-tastic pixel art.
    DISASTER: Only we can see the message of the day!!!!



    I tried adding them into the default role essentials, but maybe we need a restart, idk...
    froks i send u munnies
    send me the .png of your rpg guy skin & his name
    and ill make up a nicer one for you if you still want
    forks can you add me to the minecraft whitelist :) my minecraft id is twistedspoon
    i didnt want to clog up the thread even more so i thought id ask here
    is the old ip server back to normal as it was before anarchy or is it post apocalyptic?

    Oh also when the stuff is transferred to the new ip, the End and Nether will be transferred too right?
    Once I realised what you were alluding to. I laughed so hard, I scared my cat away. I hope my avatar doesn't scare you.
    [19:19:51] <SalTheThief> where is forks
    [19:19:54] <SalTheThief> gk summon forks
    [19:20:03] <SalTheThief> we are playing oo:sos tonight my boy

    hey man, im really sorry for causeing u shit, i really sorry can i please come back on, im so so bored im going mental not having minecraft :'(
    Hi I just got back into minecraft, was on the server before you deleted it. Friends with Chival, RENEGADE117. My username in TDGreen. I already tried filling out form and it didn't work. Thanks :)
    Hey can I please request a position on the MC server whitelist? I played with Chival and Asdfy on the old one before the last few massive updates and I'd love to again. Name Tzigane, exactly as on here =)
    I built that stone house in the sky b4 azbot wanted the land. He asked me if he could use the land under my house and i said no sorry i need it for my farm. So i think i should get to keep it and my shack should be rebuilt but i dont care ill do it myself.. if this is resolved.. i was straight up when he asked me. i told him i need it and he cant have it i said sorry for any inconvience
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