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  • Btw:

    When the roamers are regenerated post-E4, their stats are created via Method 1 on the following frames:

    1st roamer: frame 1
    2nd roamer: frame 6
    3rd roamer: frame 11

    Well shit dude. That sucks. If you haven't got it by tomorrow, I'll see if I can help you out. :P
    Damn, 13,000? Wow...nice. xD That is weird... If you can call Elm up there, I'd recommend doing that. That way you can watch what frame you're on. If not, then maybe just do two radio advances since you were fifteen off. That would be frustrating though to hit a delay of 13,000 only to miss your frame...
    Hmm, if you haven't got it by tomorrow, I could try it out. I don't really know anything about it either though. >_<
    Yeah, got the Timid one done, I'll do modest tomorrow. And lmfao, shady pm'd on marriland.
    Lol, dude. Remember that Brave Groudon I was going to do for you? Well, I abused the shiny spread and completely forgot about it. So I was going to do a non shiny Groudon for timetwister with Sassy, 31/31/31/22/31/0, same IVs as the brave one, and apparently that Brave spread also came in Sassy... xD
    Lol, I'll try to. I've been busy the last two days, but I'm doing a Sassy Groudon for someone real quick, and I'll do the Kyogre right after that.
    All right, it's cool. I just bought another flashcard that can emulate GBA games. We'll see if I can get some Emerald stuff. :P It won't be here for a while though.
    Aww, it is, but it's fully redis. Dammit. Now I wonder about that Pory-Z too though... We can find out tomorrow, I'm done spamming your wall. :P
    Shit, jules is back to with two pokemon in his trade thread. I bet that Sceptile is Newts' from here too. I'll check...
    lolwat. He's trading at marriland? Oh my god. Better check all that shit's OT/ID Number.
    I know, seriously. Why does he even come to wifi? He's blacklisted, and I doubt he'll get off anytime soon. :/
    We did. :P Lawl, jk. Seriously though, there are a lot of nubs at marriland. Jules and him are probably two of the biggest. Jules still gets on marri too. God, that's great. Getting him banned from here was pretty fun.
    He's from marriland. We caught him trading mine, alsabino's, and shenaniganeer's stuff on marriland and friendcodes.
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