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  • ahhh i know what you mean
    A few of my friends are getting tired of living here too
    but i think its to good to leave =]
    where'd ya move to?
    Most of these places I've gone to have had the best seafood I have ever tasted in my life! Well, that could also be because we're practically right next to where we get most of it xD!
    I actually haven't tried those places, as my family is retired military we went to the Hickam's buffet that had crab legs on there and various other items, zomg. I was in heaven for the hour and a half we were there xD! I seriously went through about 60 crab legs during that meal xD!
    Yeah, it really is, the people are much different than Colorado, that's for sure.
    To be honest, the food is actually better to me, as I am a seafood kind of person. I love seafood with a passion and Hawaii makes it so much easier to get and eat :D!
    whattt?! why would you move from hawaii? D: haha
    well i just moved from hawaii kai to kaneohe, but ive spent most of my life in kaneohe so its fine =P
    What part were you from before you moved?
    srry for that random VM
    but i was just looking around on smogon and found out your from hawaii too =D
    Didnt think people from hawaii would be on here =/
    Ah, sounds like family fun! :D!

    Well, I just moved here about... a year ago, actually.
    I'm a whitey, so I don't really know if I count as a "local" xD!
    Yuppers, I am going and uber excited for it in about 9-ish days for me ^_^
    I live in the Kapolei area. :D!
    Yeah not in america though :(
    And reading all the stats and stuff for the Pokemon when it comes out in japan or w.e will kinda ruin the whole surprise affect though =/
    How've you been? :)
    Ive been cutting back on my time on smogon and spending more time with friends and stuff.
    Yesterday I went to see Dinner for Schmucks at the movies, it was ok expected it to be funnier =/
    Its fine, I can make as many rounds of revisions as you like. Alright, cut down on dead space and find an actually good looking background. Can do.:)

    As for pokemon, I'm still picking them out. You've got too many to choose from :P
    sorry O= I'm using my hg fc:s I've traded the pokemon there to get the vitamins from the battle zone. my hg fc is 3095 1637 7627
    Hi I just wanted to say that I'm done with the ev training and the movesets:) Just Vm, when you see me on and I'll trade you your Pokes back;)

    Don't ask me to pick colors. You end up with beige. XD



    You've got your creepy purple playground or your creepy purple forest.
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