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  • Damn, I just missed you, I think tomorrow should work because I'm going out tonight. Cya then
    The weekend it is, just reply back to me when you get the specific time you want ^_^
    Hmm, well then this is going to be somewhat difficult...
    I can play from 3:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m my time, although I'm not on the entire time. All you have to do is give me a day and the time you want to play and I'll be on then. Thanks ^_^
    Hi, I'm free from 3:00 to 5:00 pm GMT -4, VM me then and we'll start immediately, GL ^_^
    Cool, same here time-wise. If you go on IRC, you can catch me in #neverused. Otherwise, I'm on Showdown under the same name as well most of the time when I'm online.

    I just finished my team, so I am good to play whenever.
    We're opponents for the Metagame Tweak tourney. Obviously still need to make teams and such, but let me know when you're available. I'm US CST (GMT-5), but I'm online a lot. Shouldn't be too difficult to catch me.
    Hey yo, we're matched up for the Stat Specialization Tour. I heard you like PO, i'm on the PO server often as Appelsína.
    You disconnected...we absolutely need to play sunday. I'm available all the day, even late cauz' I don't work monday.
    Just saw your VM. I was ready to go to bed but if you want to play, I'm able. Showdown ?
    Oh damn, I completly forget to say that I'm ready xd

    When do you want to play man ? I'm available the week after 6pm my time but as I work, don't ask me to play at midnight please. Or we can play the week-ends.
    I don't have a team built, I'll tell you when I'll be ready. Also, I'm GMT+2.
    I would prefer PO2 since it lags less, but please log on smogon during the time I have told you I will be here so I can see you're online without having to look on PO server. I will just VM you to say ''we can play on server A on PO now'' or something
    I don't think I will be able to play today (well, it may be possible for me to play at ~10 pm your time, but it's not sure so I may be an hour later or so) Is that okay for you?
    so my friend is staying longer than I thought so I'm going to find some time to play even if he's here... I will be able to play on Saturday all the day and probably today too.

    It would be nice if you told me what timezone you are at least just so I can know when to log on to play because I don't want to be all the day looking if you're online :)
    I won't be available till Sunday because a friend that lives far has come to my house...

    From Sunday on advance I will be able most of the time, I'm GMT+1, what timezone are you?
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