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  • I'm pretty sure that's wrong, but I'm not sure. Find your seed and paste it, and see if the slots are listed like they were in the last version. If they're different, then it's possible the slots were fixed. If they're the same, then it's wrong.
    No, haven't really tested it yet :/ But I can tell you the slots probably are wrong in Reporter from the info you gave me.. not sure when Slash will be able to fix it, so for now use the method I taught in my guide about how to find out the slot of each frame. Sorry :(
    How did you get Wooper if you placed 0 water blocks? o.o

    This is puzzling... I'll try to test it if I can, but I'm not sure if I will. I'll talk to Slashmolde and others about it and see if they can test and help figure this out.
    If the peak objects are gone, no Riolu. If you put the minimum required for Riolu, Nosepass will appear since the blocks are maxed out. At this point, you're going to have to try hitting all your target frames with Riolu at different slots. For example, you tried slot 8 and it appeared at none. Try removing all the plains objects, since you don't need them. Riolu will be at slot 5 then, so try all your frames and see if it shows then. My guess is if you remove the plains objects and hit the frame that gave you the level 48 Nuzleaf, it'll be Riolu because the Nuzleaf was supposed to be slot 5.
    Ok, so with 5 forest, 7 peak, and 9 plains Riolu would have ended up in slot 8, but that slot 8 turned out to be slot 5. Hmm. Can you give me the seed you're using, please?

    Edit: How does Nosepass not appear anymore? If you didn't change the blocks it should still show up (you're probably just not hitting a frame that's slot 7).
    That's a shame :( Which RNG Reporter version are you using? Also, do you know how many blocks of each type you placed and the levels so we can determine what slot Nuzleaf was (this way we can compare this to what RNG Reporter listed as the slot for the frames you should have gotten Riolu on, and hopefully fix this)? Finally, were all the Nuzleaf you caught level 38, or were some of them 48? Because the ones that were 38 would be a different slot from the ones that were 48.

    It still could be possible to catch Riolu with that seed, since now that you know Reporter is wrong you can try to change Riolu's slot with the blocks and hit each frame and hopefully Riolu will show. If that makes sense.

    Edit: Few more questions. Which area are you at, and are you sure Riolu is appearing with only 5 forest and 7 peak objects? I checked the slots and they say Riolu needs 10/14 forest/peak objects leveled after 70 days at the Meadow.
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