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  • Hi, we're playing against each other for the VGC tournament. I'm PST time zone. I can play at:

    February 10, 9 AM-10 AM/2 PM-3 PM
    February 11, 1 PM-3 PM
    February 12, 1 PM-3 PM/8 PM- 0 PM
    February 13, 9 AM-10 AM/9 PM-10 PM
    February 14, 10 PM- 1 PM
    February 15, 9 AM-10 PM/9 PM-10 PM
    February 16, 9 AM-10 AM

    Let me know what time works best for you and we can schedule something officially. My PS name is Benyay
    Ok, Saturday the 11th 1 PM is great for me. We settled?
    Yeah, Saturday the 11th at 1 PM PST is great. Looking forward to playing you!
    Hey, I'm online and ready to play whenever you are. My PS name is Benyay. Send me the challenges once you're ready!
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