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  • Hi! :D nope haha. I've never heard of it lol! I've been busy too .-. Gosh tests everywhere haha x.x you? :)
    Lol! I didn't even have one. No idea why haha. And I FINALLY managed to apply for a SingPass yesterday... no idea why it didn't work on Sunday Lol.

    Just make sure you have something to register for ns with. Within the deadline too Lol.
    NU and occasionally RU. But I haven't played either in ages .-. LOL.

    Also, I've never heard of SingPass till today -.- But you have to be 15 before you receive yours. :O Just keep in mind to make sure you don't lose your SingPass when you get it if you get it. I totally can't register for NS now since I can't log in with SingPass... I have no idea if I have a SingPass or not -.- zzz
    Lol I miss my NPCC camps ;_; nope you can make a RMT as your first post but most likely people don't read the rules... Just make sure you read the rules before posting! :) Also, play on Smogon's server for OU >.> PO isn't that good in standard from what I've heard.

    Bulbapedia archives is where you can search for official (and big) Pokemon art. Sprites are enough actually. Unless you want a banner, then that's a different thing haha.
    O.O what camp? Wished I had one... happy holidays btw haha! :) zzz I have term exams right after...
    OHHHH... >.> Good luck for your tests!! Ahhh Milo Van ;_; I want ahaha

    JC life is busy I guess... :/ also I'm not from ACS(I) =.= or ACS at all.... Night!!! :))
    Lol. Sure. Reshiram sounds complicated :d I'll probably tweak it though! Js I won't get done with it till a long time later! :x hopefully I can start clearing my requests during June holiday lol. And yar pretty much the things i use i do myself :)
    Huhhh same. They should all come at once and be over and done with in 2 weeks! lol 1.30 is pretty early! Even with CCA etc you're still going to reach home before me haha.

    Wallstalking as in 'stalking' other people's wall and read convos etc haha x) she is from S'pore not she isn't here :O
    Lol hci?? Pro haha. There's someone even proer in this forums. I'll wait till she wallstalks and see our convo haha. I didn't know ip was that busy too! You're only 14 and so busy? :d enjoy while you can! Good luck for your idk what test too! Huhhh I don't like how jc timetable stretches till evening ;_; I miss ending school at 2+ :/

    Chinese school ftw! Haha
    I'm in ACJC now .-. ahh jc ;_; Sec school is so much better lol! Also you can tell my sec school from my CT haha. You?
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