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  • So you want back in at TRC?
    Funny how it's the subject of letting people in.

    What of I said "No because he is A major nuisance and will cause Chaos".
    Sounds familiar aye? Pippy has you by the balls, why would you vote against me to join the Allaince? Seriously GFM vote yes. Simple as that.
    Attention Uber Agency Member!

    We are currently trying the revive the group and have heaps of fun games going on atm. We also have an Uber CCAT in the early stages which would use some contributation. You don’t need to know about ubers to participate, just giving some feedback and voting is what we need.

    Also, we are trying to get our intel network up and running so if you want to get an assignment and help us and earn merits at the same time that’d be great.

    Finally, if you have a great idea for a game or chat room then feel free to post it! I’m letting everyone post discussions over the next week so hopefully we can get some good games and chat rooms going.

    I hope to see you in the UA soon.

    ~Lugia Lt. TheChortler
    I was thinking more like the Alliance of New Majors. Don't want to copy or be a "lesser" version of the TRI.

    Now all we need is Zomb's support.
    Since TPR is pretty much a major group now, do you want to make an alliance with TPR and TN for new major groups?
    I am asking everybody this, but do you play triples? If so let's get a battle some time. If not, why not? I might have to convert you.
    Please help rebuild team Nova. We need to raise our activity rates. people just tell there teams "lets help out our friends" and that never works. Please, we need real support.
    You want some info. I will be joining groups and telling leader each a unique piece of info.
    I am doing fine. The only thing i am made at is that I need to write a thread but this non sense keeps distracting me
    You are paranoid just like all the others. I can't believe how arrogant you all are...
    What do you mean? I am not Honcho as he is my master. If you think I'm "sock puppetting" your wrong.
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