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  • So that's the end of it all, huh? No more S.C.O.... I'd be lying if I said that didn't bother me at all... At the very least, I had a lot of fun here while it lasted. I hope that the same can be said for all the other members of S.C.O. Well, goodbye then. Thanks for everything.

    Also, regarding the Skype thing, I'm considering it.
    Hey Gary! Welcome back to Smogon! It's nice to see it finally back up again!

    So I noticed that I can't find any traces of Social Groups on here anymore. Do you know if they've been removed, or am I just not looking hard enough?
    Believe me, I've wanted to battle him for some time now, but he never seems to be online so I can contact him. I've checked Showdown for him to, but I couldn't ever find him. Unless he gets online soon, it very well might have to be a coin flip. Drat...
    I don't think I'm gonna be able to Skype for a while. I also won't be on Smogon enough for the next few days, or maybe even weeks, to really run the Fantasy League anymore. I know it'll suck since you can't update the OP, but could you take it over for me? Sorry about all this, it's been one hell of a weekend haha.
    Jeez, do they do background checks on these sorts of things? I mean, imagine if we just handed out badges to people who contributed a lot within our group... ignoring what the persons character is like...
    I'm starting to go to through stages of evolution, even though I am human by reading Equator's posts.
    Yeah, I wrote on Morningsun's wall that it's his. If he doesn't respond in a few hours, give it to Limer.
    I would prefer it go to Morningsun, since he signed up first, but yeah, we can give it to someone else.
    I'm so sorry you have to deal with that sort of immaturity in the comment below... My sincerest sympathies.

    By the way, it's your turn to pick for the Fantasy Pokemon League.
    Yeah that's fine, I'm gonna be out a lot the next few days, so if you could just make sure everything is running smoothly while I'm gone, that would be great.
    That better not affect my "recommended for you" videos, otherwise I'm going to be seriously angry...
    WHAT WAS THAT!? Ugh... I barely even watched it and I was still horrified... Seriously, don't give me links to stuff like that! It's not funny and I don't appreciate it at all.
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