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  • Was it our fault you can't write?

    I mean, Cloyster was locked because it didn't really need a revamp in the first place and because most of the thread was devoted to people telling you not to use super-unviable stuff, and that delightful segment with me, you and some QC's telling you to talk about natures and not leave out information because of noobs.

    And the Magnezone analysis is just badly written. The GP team doesn't exist to rewrite stuff for you and they'd have to do that for large sections of your writing. At that point, they can just cut out the middleman-you-so they did.

    If you want to contribute, you can do it without doing stuff you're really bad at.
    Serebii was right. Smogon is stupid. No one gives you a good reputation removes all your crap. Going back to Serebii, everyone there is way better. Cya
    I never said that you didn't have a brother. I meant with the corrections. But if you said you didn't do it, then ok. I believe you.
    I find it extremely hard to believe a second grader read all of this, and took the time to correct it. If you are going to make an excuse, make it good. You shouldn't even be sharing an account with your bro, or it'll be deleted.
    Thank you for checking over my analysis, and being a jerk about it.

    "Ending Comments: Please fix this analysis. This uses the words "however" and "as" and "due" way to much, also "such as". If this was a real essay the reader would think the person who wrote this likes these words too much. Lol. Well, not your fault, you did not type this."

    1.) I did type this.
    2.) I don't know why you are being so cheeky about it.
    3.) Some of the changes make it even worse, so the order "Please fix this" doesn't justify.

    [hide]I have no intentions to be over defensive / sensitive, but personally, I saw this as a very rude and bad way to approach this. Yes, + should be and, but did you even read what you typed? When I said "Foresight grants him the ability to hit common spinblockers" I meant with Rapid Spin, something Starmie couldn't do.
    'toe to toe'? Really? Also, "like" sounds unprofessional. Yes, I shouldn't use it so often, but neither do I want to use 'like'. I don't see how using 'doesn't' and 'does not' matter.

    It isn't suppose to compare Scizor to Hitmontop, as Scizor had nothing to do with it. I admit the spelling error of desirable, thank you, I'll fix it. Same thing with "isn't" and "is not", doesn't truly matter. I mentioned Pursuit in a different combo, Sucker Punch + Pursuit is a different matter.

    "(Stop using due and as so much)" I find that statement quite outspoken. Despite it being an amateur check, I'd like it if you don't order me to do something, especially like that, please.

    I'm sorry if this is very rude, or outspoken of myself, but honestly, please don't act like you know what you're doing, and insulting my writing. I'm not perfect, and I can see it, I don't need it to be made fun of.
    Yeah, but they changed their minds with an earlier Mag analysis, and then they changed their minds again.

    Make sure to revamp the Checks and Counters thoroughly and do a sufficient job for the rest, dude.
    You can get them all if you have the right skills and work ethic ^_^. I personally never got the Programmer and Artist badges, because I don't know how to program and am terrible at drawing.
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