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    Announcement Dynamax is unbanned from Monotype! [April Fool's]

    You have provoked a gang war
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    I'm able to play in around 2 hours

    I'm able to play in around 2 hours
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    Online Competition Spikemuth Cup

    Would a Sand team with Exca and Ttar work?
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    Monotype Monotype Flying HO

    Been over a week, giving it a bump
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    All Official B101 Pairing Records

    assigned to Drud Username: Gooie_Weeggie PS! Username: Gooie Weeggie Time Your timezone: CET (GMT +01) Usual Hours of Availability: Between 16:00-1800:=21:00 monday t/m friday depending on how much homework I have, 10:00-22:00 during the weekend and vacation (I have vacation between february...
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    hey! whatcha listenin' to, hotshot? (no embedded videos please)

    The Undertale OST on Spotify, currently at "An Ending"
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    Your weirdest or funniest fears

    The sight of seeing an empty can always makes my spine chill. Coming for someone who's room has very important documents lying on the floor where my sister can play with them
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    Gen 5 Appreciation Thread

    gen 5 had krookodile and scrafty, nuff said
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    What made your day better?

    Watching Archer for the first time and fucking dying
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    Post your searing hot takes

    I like Barbaracle
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Yup, it worked! Thx
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Where can you find "Edit Profile"?