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  • I'm will do the bp for you. I get home later today so I'll try and finish it today. Send me a list of your rng'd 5th gen pokes and I'll pick 1 so it's a 1 for 1 trade.
    I can RNG you a Mixape on 4th Gen, I need specifics besides flawless IV's, such as:

    Nature, Shiny or non shiny, Egg moves and gender.

    Also what kind of payment is being offered.
    Your team is pretty good actually you should take wide lens off Virizon and put either Life Orb(more power for use as an offense poke) or Leftovers (if being used as a tank, with Giga drain). You should also try to include a MixAttacker in your team cause when i see chandelure or krookidile im usually going to send in either my special tank(porygon-z,snorlax,togekiss,etc...)to come in and either poison or twave whatever your going send in next, and for when i seen krookidile I immeadiatly called skarmory in knowing that both your stabs couldnt hurt me so i could set up spikes. The mixAttacker on my team was Infernape so im not to predictable. Overall I like your team but ME personally I like to only have 2 walls on my teams that have good synergy( Skarmoryand porygon-2,Jellicient and Ferrothorn,cofagrigus and Snorlax etc...)with 2attackers, 1Special Attacker and 1 mix Attacker. Hope that helps.
    Tell tell the truth you were pretty good i mean some bad choices here and there but what was your team again?
    Yea i had zen headbutt on my victini and psychocut no my latios which were both super effective. It was still a good game though. I was worried your virizion would be faster than me since I was adamant and carry something to sweep me and my team with.
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