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  • Hey, I do Wi-Fi battles and stuff now, we should add each other (I don't think we ever did for as long as we've known each other, lol)
    welcome back
    I have Dittos in my safari on 1822 0326 6280
    I will not be able to add you till I get home tonight
    I have notreally battled much yet, I am obsessed with the battle maison
    I have Starf and Lansat berries if you want some (will have enough to distribute in a few days)
    You can use them at the juice shop to make a potion that levels up 1-4 levels once per day.

    Good to see you.
    Bald Accountant
    Bald Accountant
    No that is the battle Chateau. The Battle Maison is like the battle subway. You get Battle points and after 100 straight wins you get the Lansat berry, then after 200 straight wins you get the Starf Berry.
    It is in the town you can only access after you defeatthe main game - where the IV checker is.
    Oh wow you got over 200 wins. That's awesome I've only unlocked super singles lol.
    Bald Accountant
    Bald Accountant
    Well to be honest I was using someone elses idea for a team and it was triples - the core was gale wind talon flame for tailwind, Protean Greninja with matblock for first round protection, and mega blastoise for the main attacker.
    Yo man, sorry about the invites on Xbox live I've been sending, I just like talking to new people sometimes for some reason.
    New baby is great. Sorry to see you leave. Hope you will say hi from time to time. Check us out when X and Y are released. Wifi battles will be hot for a couple months im sure.
    Hey man hope things are going well for ya. We need to catch up some time. I guess if not before X&Y come out we can then lol. Hopefully before. I haven't battled wifi much lately.
    we need to battle for the tourney. let me know when you can. also long time no talk i hope things are going well for you.
    AA Tier Boss Notification:

    You are recieving this notification because you signed up for the AA Tier Boss Tournament and have not yet completed your battles. I will now inform you that you have three days to finish your battles or you will be disqualified. If you cannot report your status to the Tier Boss Tournament thread to avoid disqualification.
    We need to move on and this Round has gone on far too long.

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