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  • Yeah yeah, I remember that Huskey all day son haha
    I'm trying to get into the UW, just gotta keep my grades up
    Yea that sounds about what I might to since I despise sub, but I think Protect looks like it could be interesting.
    Yeah, I've heard of it haha
    So you play baseball? Nice, I'm more of a soccer man myself
    Oh nice, I'm a Junior in high school still haha
    Where do you go to college? (you don't have to tell me if you don't want to haha)
    yea, im not going to lie, im pumped for that. Say what set, are you going to run on that Gengar? Im stuck on which one to run ahha
    Good point. But do you planning on transfering all your pokes over from this version to the new one?
    You should get an action replay to. if you had that, youd be set. best investment ive made in a while lol
    yea i guess. are you going to buy another DS to trasnfer your pokes over? The way I play the game now, I feel I need to you know so im not back to square one.
    Do you do it on a Mac? Because if so thats what I have and theres nothing really online about how to do so on one
    Yea same. I have fun and thats whats important. Although I need to learn how to RNG. Although I feel as it will take all the fun out of it lol.
    Well one of my friends came over once and saw me playing and now they all know lol. It was bad for like a day but now they only make the jokes every now and than. As long as the girls dont find out (which they don't) its cool. Imagine if your baseball team knew lol
    True stuff. Do your friends give you as much shit as mine do for playing lol
    Well like you probably, sports are number one in my life, way over pokemon haha. I play soccer, run track (sprints) and love watching it all haha. What are most of those guys interests if not sports lol what else is there to do other than woman you know
    Haha na I agree. Can't beleive I found another football fan on a pokemon site lol
    Haha, can't I gotta go now
    I wish I could so I could whoop yo ass :P
    Hahahahaha jk, Im semi good at battling

    And I got that Gator :)
    Thats true, but the Cowgirls are known chokers and the Eagles aint won shit haha
    I HATE the fucking Deadskins lol. Im a Giants fan haha. If they go 7-9, that should be called a success although your boy Cribbs is insane.
    Hahaha the Browns. Thats a tough division their in I can't see them getting out of the cellar. The Steelers, Ravens and Bengals are all potential playoff teams plus Colt aint looking that great.
    Yup, what a tool making that announcement on national tv. its not the decison that bugs me, its the way he did it.
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