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  • Hey, I just saw your farewell post now, I wish I wasn't so busy IRL to have seen it sooner. Just wanted to say thank you for being a great friend and inspiration to me. I wish I could have written you a proper farewell in the thread before it was locked. If you ever need to talk you know where to find me. I hope to see you again someday, and my best wishes in whatever you pursue in life.
    Happy belated birthday Guard!
    Sorry for being late, wanted to thank you for everything you've done for the site, you're a wonderful person, one mistake doesn't define anyone, I hope you're happy at whatever you do.
    Happy belated birthday again, maestro, and good luck for your future endeavors!
    happy birthday man, ty for everything you’ve done for the site, your work ethic, enthusiasm and everything in between is something I look up to, take care of yourself and good luck!
    Happy birthday, man. I wish we talked more, but that's ok. Good luck in whatever you do in the future, I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job of it.
    hbd, ur a great guy wished you could have stayed around, good luck in ur endeavors moving forward!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well in whatever you're gonna be doing :] We will really miss you, and thanks for all of your contributions!
    Hello!, sorry for the inconvenience but i just want to wish u a Happy Birthday and glhf studying!, ik that what's happening to u is harsh, but you can get through this!, i think that was good from u admit that u were wrong and idt that you should being so hard bullied from people.
    Best wishes for you!
    also i know that my english is bad :(
    Happy Birthday, Guard! Wishing you the best of luck in life and all of your future endeavors. As an aspiring medical school applicant, I hope to join you in this noble profession. Have a great day!
    Good luck in your future ventures, thank you for all your contributions you were truly an amazing role model
    Cya man, thanks for your contributions to AG and ND, means a good bit :D. Hope you do well with what you're pursuing.
    Bye Guard, best of luck with med school and all your future endeavors :heart:
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