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  • Hey, it is ok...hopefully we can find some time to hang out today for a bit though. I am still hoping that you can help out with moving and stuff tomorrow. I don't really need TON'S of help but would like it if you could and I can also show you my classroom and whatnot!!! Anyways, I will text you later today, because I have unlimited texting now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey dude! head over to mibbit so we can chat. The link is below in one of the previous VMs I left you. I will be using the same SN.
    I would appreciate it if you would call me when you are ready for your Kenpo lesson this Sunday that was originally slated for 3 PM.
    Hey Bud! here is the link to the mibbit channel I told you about. A lot of smogon bigwigs use it and it is a helpful tool for our club to use to communicate with each other if two of us are on.

    There is a private message function that can be used as well. To use it you just need to select the person's SN from the top right and then select PM. A new tab will be created in the top left for you to then chat with the person.
    I am excited about tomorrow, I have two techniques that I picked out and a bunch of stances/punches/kicks to show you. :D
    I do and I would be willing to. Just so you know, I have all the legendaries RNG'd with the exception of Arceus. Check out my trade thread to see all of what I have.
    Hey partner...I would love to have that schedule so I can set the meeting for next week. I have next Thursday off but I still, obviously, have no idea when the baby is coming so that might not work either. Either way I am shooting for next Thursday but I don't want to pick that date if it doesn't work for you.

    Edit: I also want to go fishing again sometime soon and would love to go for an evening if that would work for you...Just let me know!!
    I could RNG that I suppose but there are easier and better options for that. First, Aqua Tail is useless due to Glaceon's meager attack stat so using it wouldn't be it has 90 accuracy so it will miss now and then. Water pulse is 10 power weaker than hidden power would be and it has a 20 percent chance to confuse the target so using it to heal Vaporeon wouldn't be a good idea either.

    So, to sum up, you want to use hidden power water for your Glaceon if its purpose is for healing. And, if that is what you want then that is easily done in 5th gen RNG.
    Just an FYI...when someone sends you a VM it is better if you respond on their VM wall because they will sometimes not know that you are responding if it is on yours. If you wouldn't mind, can you post in the RNG help discussion what you did and what didn't work? I would like to see if I can figure out what went wrong and help you with it.

    Edit: I forgot to get you the released hidden abilities link I told you about. So there it is. Enjoy!!
    Bad, I couldn't get it figured out, so I just went back to RNGing a doubles team. I will just wait until Wednesday ;). Shouldn't take too long.
    Yes, I will! It should be awesome !I am not sure if she will get into the RNGing itself, but I am going to help her with the EV/IV stuff, natures, and how to build good teams and such!

    So, I hear you will be teaching Brittany the awesome skills required to RNG abuse eh? I simply love it, the more the merrier!
    Sweet, thanks for actually joining and doing something with this site. It is actually a great site for many the top there is a link that says Diamond/Pearl and it has movesets and team ideas for you for competitive play. Soon they will update the link with Black and White Pokemon as well. So that should help you to decide what you might want for some of the Pokemon.
    Welcome, welcome...I hope you enjoy your stay here at Smogon sir!!!

    Also, a great chat room for talking about Pokemon can be found here if you are ever in need of any help. Riski and Expert_Evan are the main ones you would want to help you though...unless I am on of course. ;)
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